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Gamakatsu 510 Assist Hook

Gamakatsu 510 Assist Hook

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Constructed of quality high-carbon steel and uniquely tempered for superior strength and durability, the Gamakatsu® Single 510 Hook makes a great replacement hook for the trebles on your top-producing plugs and spoons. The sticky sharpness of this short-shank hook is the result of a patented mechanical needle-honing process; you'll see no dropoff in fish hooked and landed, but you will enjoy faster, easier releases with improved safety to both yourself and the fish. Unique outbarb design holds fighters extremely well; open eye for easy rigging. Tinned for saltwater use.

  • Ideal replacement hook for hardbait trebles
  • Constructed of quality high-carbon steel
  • Tempered for superior strength and durability
  • Short shank with open eye
  • Sticky-sharp, mechanically honed point
  • Will not reduce hookup ratios; outbarb holds fighters
  • Makes unhooking and releasing fish easier
  • Tinned for saltwater use