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TrikFish Fluorocarbon Leader

TrikFish Fluorocarbon Leader

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  • Light refraction precisely matches water for near invisibility
  • Utilizes an open and user-friendly wrist spool
  • Strongest and most abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon on the market

With reflective characteristics that are matched to that of water, this leader disappears under the surface! It features twice the density of standard monofilament which adds toughness. It also has 20% less stretch and a higher resistance to abrasion. When making a stealthy presentation is a top priority, Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Leaders are clearly the line of choice!

Diameter Breakdown:

10LB - .25 mm
12LB - .30 mm
15LB - .35 mm
20LB - .40 mm
25LB - .45 mm
30LB - .50 mm
40LB - .60 mm
50LB - .70 mm
60LB - .80 mm
80LB - .90 mm
100LB - 1.00 mm
125LB - 1.20 mm