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VMC 7262 Heavy Duty Live Bait Hooks

VMC 7262 Heavy Duty Live Bait Hooks

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Forged from hi carbon steel, the VMC 7262 Heavy Duty Live Bait Hook is a short shank saltwater live bait hook equipped with a 4X strong rating. Designed for the most heavy duty saltwater fishing applications, the VMC 7262 ensures you'll have the best chance at landing the monster at the end of your line. Offering one of the best price/quality ratio for live bait fishing in both fresh- or saltwater with a wide range of hook sizes for rigging many types of live bait. Part of VMC's new Coastal Black series hooks made specifically for saltwater, with built-up layers of ultra-thin black finish to withstand the harsh conditions of the saltwater environment.High corrosion-resistance for the longest-lasting black finish in the saltwater market with ultra-sharp, multi-step chemical sharpened hooks.

  • 4X Strong
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Short Shank
  • Needle Point
  • Forged
  • Coastal Black Finish