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Bloody Battery - BB7000 Starter Kit

Bloody Battery - BB7000 Starter Kit

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A complete kit for the electric reel user, the BB7000  Starter Kit includes all of what you need to juice your electric reel:

  1. Battery
  2. Battery charger
  3. UV Neoprene Battery Cover
  4. Adaptor Cable

The BB7000 takes care of what you need for your specific electric reel. Each kit is the same with the exception of the specific adaptor cable for the reel. Anglers looking to attach the battery to the rod should use the provided UV Neoprene Battery cover.

The BB7000 is equipped with an easy to read charge indicator as well as a corrosion resistant locking nut. This BB7000 Battery Starter Kit is a great option for the starting user or as a backup in the boat in the event your normal one gets left at the dock.


Compatible with Daiwa Tanacom Reels (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

TANACOM 1200, 23' SEA POWER 1200, 1000, Bull 1000, 800, 750, Bull 750, 500, 500A, 500S

Compatible with Daiwa Seaborg Reels (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

SEABORG 600, 600MJ, 600J, 500, 500MJ, 500J, 500JP, 500JS, 300, 300MJ, 300J, 300MJL, 300JL, 300JS, 200, 200J, 200JL-DH, 200JL-SJ, 200JL, 200SJ

Compatible with Daiwa Seaborg Reels (Seaborg PLUG ONLY):

SEABORG 800MJ, 1200MJ, MP3000

Compatible with Daiwa Leobritz (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

LEOBRITZ 500, S500, S500J, 500MT, 500J, 400, S400, S400J, 400MT, 400J, 300, S300, S300J, 300MT, 300J, 200, S200, S200J, 200MT, 200J

Compatible with Shimano BeastMaster Reels (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

13'-23' BEASTMASTER MD12000, 9000, 9000A, 9000ZB, 6000, 4000, 3000, 3000XP, 3000XS, MD3000, 2000, 1000

Compatible with Shimano ForceMaster Reels (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

13'-23' FORCEMASTER 9000, 6000, 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000, 800, 600, 600DH, 400, 400DH, 401, 401DH, 300, 300DH, 301, 301DH

Compatible with Shimano Plays Reels (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

13'-21' PLAYS 4000, DM 4000, 3000, 3000XP, DM 3000, 800, 600, 600OVS, 400, DM400, 400DH, 401, 401DH, 300, 300DH, 301, 301DH

Compatible with Shimano Plemio Reels (2 PIN POWER PLUG ONLY):

15' PLEMIO 3000, DM 3000

Banax Kaigen (Banax PLUG ONLY):

BANAX 1500TM, 500TM, 1000, 500S, 7000SV, 7000SVO, 500XP


  • The product comes with a 90 day warranty from factory defect based on purchase date.
  • We guarantee that every battery sold by us or any of our authorized dealers, to be defect free from the date of purchase.
  • This Limited Warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period.  
  • During the Warranty Period BLOODY BATTERY will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.
  • Warranty does not cover Water Damage.