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Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack - Black/Red

Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack - Black/Red

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Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack features a helpful 3 box stack system to organize your fishing accessories. This backpack is made of PRIM1 Fabric and features double reinforced stitching and ridged non-collapsible frame. Carry all your essentials in this backpack, it provides a sunglass case, plier holder, booger box which is an easy access accessory box, and a leader wheel which allows you to hold two spools. The Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack got you covered.

Specs & Features

  • PRIM1 Fabric
  • 3 Box Stack System
  • Double Reinforced Stitching
  • Ridged Non-Collapsible Frame (PVC riveted)
  • # 10 Delran Corrosion Resistant Zipper
  • Sunglass Case
  • Plier Holder
  • Booger Box
  • Velcro Attachment Area
  • Leader Wheel (holds two spools)