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Well known for their ultimate strength and sharpness, Gamakatsu Octopus hooks are undeniable leaders in the market today. These Octopus hooks are crafted using the most premium grade of high carbon steel, in the fishing hook manufacturing capital of the world - Japan. 


Pioneers in the industry, Gamakatsu have perfected the manufacturing process of their hooks, leaving you with hook that has unmatched balance between strength and flexibility. Equipped with durable ultra sharp points, this hook will penetrate easier and in turn increase your hook up rate. This is an extremely versatile hook pattern.

Features & Benefits


  • Versatile hooks ideal for a variety of techniques and species
  • Forged construction for strength and durability
  • Extremely sharp points
  • Short-shank, upturned eye, offset bend
  • Made with high-carbon steel
  • Feature an innovative tempering process that gives them strength and durability
  • Conical needle-honed points offer lasting sharpness
  • Ideal for catching Snapper and all other pelagic saltwater species