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JuJu Cast Net Bag

JuJu Cast Net Bag

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Better than a bucket! Space saving!

As a cast net angler, you may find yourself with lack of storage for the greatest tool  in your tackle arsenal. While a bucket is OK, your cast net cannot breathe and keep dry the way it needs to thus reducing the life of your net. Buckets are also very large, taking up more space in your hatches than necessary. 

This is why we created the JUJU Cast Net Bag. Each oversized heavy-duty bag is constructed to store any size cast net and comes with convenient labeling areas for those that have multiple size nets aboard. Keep track of your nets by Length, Mesh and Weight for easy identification during your fishing trips.  Store in your hatches or truck to save space.

Used & Recommended by Professional Fishing Guides


  • Fits cast nets from 3' to 14'
  • Heavy duty mesh
  • Breathable for Cast Net Drying
  • Drawstring closure
  • Labels For Size, Mesh & Weight