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JuJu - Kids Series - Cast Net

JuJu - Kids Series - Cast Net

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Finally a quality cast net designed for kids and beginners! Put a JUJU Cast Net in their hands and watch as they drop the video games and head outdoors to learn something new.

    Safety is the utmost importance which is why we designed the 3ft  castnet with plastic weights, soft mesh and 1.5 gallon bucket they may just use for bait or sand castles. Forget those square boxes that other cast nets come in that are totally useless.

    For those 10 and up, we made a premium version in 4.5 ft that features real leads, horn and floating line. This is perfect for beginners.

    Dad, don't be afraid to take a turn with this very capable cast net in order to load your bucket and livewell too!

    Available in 3ft and 4.5ft.

    Note: 3FT cast net uses plastic leads and 4.5FT cast net uses real leads.