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JuJu - Ultra Light Series - Cast Net

JuJu - Ultra Light Series - Cast Net

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This is our Easiest To Throw Cast Net! 1LB/Foot


The Multi-Light Series has changed the game! We worked with long-time native fishing guides to formulate a cast net that doesn't break your back. We used all the same proprietary construction techniques and high quality components of our world famous "Multi-Series", just about 35-40% LIGHTER! 

You will be shocked how easy this net is to throw. It also doesn't "CONE" or collapse as fast as heavy nets resulting in a larger diameter for longer... MORE BAIT. 

This cast net is going to work great in shallow water along beaches, grass flats, bridges and deep water where the bait is in abundance.


  • Proprietary Mesh That is Supple and Strong (JUJU Secret Sauce)
  • 1LB/Foot on average
  • Perfect balance of weight to mesh ratio
  • Hand-tied 6 Panel Design
  • Soft Monofilament
  • Commercial-Grade Swivel
  • Clear Monofilament for Invisibility
  • Proprietary Doubled Rectangular Shaped Leads System
  • Ultra Soft 30 Feet Handline

Available in 1/4" and 3/8" mesh.