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Manley Brass Fishing Scale w/ Tell-Tale Ring

Manley Brass Fishing Scale w/ Tell-Tale Ring

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Weigh your whoppers and lunkers with the Manley Brass Fishing Scale, or use it to measure and set your reel's drag. The handsome, durable, corrosion-resistant brass body features easy-to-read inscriptions. The 8.5" cylinder-shaped scale is compact enough to fit inside your tackle box or find a home onboard your boat. The Manley Brass Fishing Scale even has a tell-tale ring that shows you how heavy your catch is after you let it go.

  • Weighs heavy fish with ease
  • Helps you set your reel's drag
  • Corrosion-resistant brass body
  • Easy-to-read inscriptions
  • Ideal on the boat or in tackle box