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Mustad 92661-Br/Ni Sliced Shank Hooks

Mustad 92661-Br/Ni Sliced Shank Hooks

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This strong, forged Mustad Beak hook features a reversed hook point for improved hook hold. It permits the point to come in contact with the mouth of the fish, without turning. The 1X long shank provides for bigger and longer worm baits. The beaked hook design offers great hookset and holding power throughout the fight. This bait holder hook features two slices/barbs on the shank to better hold the bait in position and obscure the point. Depending on the size of the hook you can use it for targeting most flatfish species, Bream, Cod, Sea Bass and many other fresh and saltwater species. 

  • MVL-V1 point technology
  • Needle point
  • Reversed hook point
  • 1X Long shank
  • Forged
  • Nor-Tempering