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No Live Bait Needed - 8” Swimbait

No Live Bait Needed - 8” Swimbait

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With our NLBN 8" series we had one thing in mind, Big Fish, Big Baits!

The NLBN 8" paddletail was designed to be fished in any amount of current. The square boot will keep that bait thumping on the slowest retrieve and will not "wash out" in heavy current!

We specifically designed a NLBN screw lock jig head for the 8-inch series featuring a 2X 9/0 Mustad hook and a screw-lock design to keep your bait secured like nothing else out there.

Every detailed mattered in this hand carved 8 inch bait, which was designed around our NLBN screw lock jig heads. Fall rate, displacement, action, durability, stiffness, body roll, hooks, eyeplacement etc... We looked at all the problems other swimbaits had and designed our 8" bait like no other on the market.