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R&R Tackle Release Clips w/ Swivels

R&R Tackle Release Clips w/ Swivels

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R & R Tackle’s R2 kitefishing release clips were designed to properly align your fishing line for optimal performance. Highly-polished, large diameter arm reduces friction and stress on your fishing line eliminating the need for a kite ring if desired. R2’s release adjustment is very broad, precise, consistent and provides smooth, reliable releases of your fishing line when a bite occurs. The R2 3 Set clips, while used for kitefishing with R & R’s 80 pound braid, flossed kite line, may also be used individually for outrigger, downrigger or flat line fishing applications.


Specially designed by Capt. Ray to improve upon the existing, traditional kite release clip. The M2 features a single body design with no moving parts to break or corrode. Each clip is manufactured using a proprietary plastic material which is resilient and incredibly durable. The new design is lightweight and extremely easy to adjust on the fly. Ceramic or stainless steel rings are simply "pushed" into place, instead of being clipped, which makes for an easier and softer breakaway when pressure is applied.