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Winthrop Tackle Terminator Adjusta-Butts

Winthrop Tackle Terminator Adjusta-Butts

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INTRODUCING THE LATEST ANGLERS' STAND UP WEAPON: the All New Winthrop Tackle Terminator Adjusta Butt! Instead of buying two butts, one bent and one straight, we now incorporate both into one design that can switch with a push of a button. During the fight, you can go from straight butt to bent butt, with a push of a button you can go from straight to bent or back from bent to straight. Lightweight and powerful, the Terminator adjusta butt is taking the offshore fishing market by storm.

When the fish is going straight away from you the butt should be in the straight position. When fish goes for his death circle and you need to pull him up you can go to the bent position which allows the angler to put more force on the fish, keeping your back nice and straight. Adjustable hoods for 30 wide and up to a 130 wide. The Delrin collar nut is designed so it will not come loose. Now, with the push of a button, you have the flexibility to position your rod from straight to bent.

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a hardened stainless steel positioning mechanism; the Adjusta Butt is precision built for lightness and strength. It's newly designed reel seat has an adjustable machined hood with small and large mouths to accommodate a wide range of reel feet widths. It is created to accept reels from 30 lb. to 130 lb. Class. Our Delrin Collet Nut is made to stay tight to the hood at all times. Now available: sizes #2 and #4 short and long, and in standard colors black and silver. Butto

Size Length Ferrule ID
#2 19.9" 0.875"
#2 Short 17.9" 0.875"
#4 20.4" 1.00"
#4 Short 18.5" 1.00"